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    We’re famous! (Or is it infamous? 🙂

    Check it out »  Sierra City, Sierra Country Store and the Sierra City Webcam were recently mentioned in the Webcam Traveler blog!

    The Country Store is located right smack dab in the heart of town. We offer everything from hearty breakfast burritos and fresh deli sandwiches to mouth-watering cheeseburgers and pizzas. Stop by for all your… Grocery…Meats… Produce… Beer… Wine… Liquor… Camping… Fishing… Ice… and Gift needs. ATM, High Speed Internet Access, Laundromat and up to the minute weather station available. Larry & Kathy Breed, proprietors.

Larry's pickup

It’s a perfect time for a drive up the Yuba River Scenic Byway.  Visiting Sierra County can be good for your health. We keep it simple, no schedules, no deadlines, no dress codes. Not even one stoplight can be found on our roadways, just sit back and enjoy the drive. Sierra City is host to the 11th Annual Big City Rod Run & Car Show—Friday & Saturday September 14th & 15th, 2018—cruise on up and check us out!


Here’s Larry enjoying one of his famous mouth watering cheeseburgers.  He has spent most of his life crafting the perfect cheesy concoction. Attention to detail right down to the bench he is sitting on — designed with precise elbow-to-mouth proportions — makes for a meal you won’t forget.

Pacific Crest Trail National Scenic TrailSierra City is the stop between Donner and Belden.  Every year the hikers come in off the Pacific Crest Trail to resupply and refresh. From locals to international travelers we always look forward to their wild tales from the trail.

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    Big City Rod Run Big City Rod Run Big City Rod Run Big City Rod Run Big City Rod Run DSCN1657 DSCN1688 Painting of store from 1976 Store owners from wayback! Painting Summer glory! Quiet spot

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